Whispers On The Wind

Whispers On The Wind is by turns heartbreaking and heartwarming. Beautiful and harrowing all at once, this novel is a wonderful exploration into the soul and strength of one young woman. It truly is a modern Dickens, Hardy or Gaskell.

Carrie is born into a poor Welsh farming family trying to survive the great depression and its aftermath. When her mother dies during a terrible birth life changes for the family forever and Carrie’s challenges begin.

We don’t want to spoil this book by giving away too much, you really need to discover Carrie’s world for yourself and when you do, you will make firm friends and firmer enemies as you watch her fight the odds. Revill keeps up a relentless pace which will bring you to the point of exhaustion as you cry and laugh and scream at the characters and their journey’s. The research is faultless but never overpowering, the snippets of Welsh give this book a truly unique voice and help create some wonderful characters.

Really, if you want a book to inspire you, to give you hope for the future and to think about for weeks afterwards, this is the book to chose. If only there were more writers of this caliber out there.

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