What The Eye Cannot See

What The Eye Cannot See is an great new book. If ever you needed a reason NOT to have an affair, this book gives you that reason. It’s fun, past paced and the characters far too familiar.

Trembath is a man who needs a little of something that isn’t necessarily good for him and Arabella is all too willing to facilitate his needs. They embark on a passionate affair but with tragic consequences. Peppinck explores the consequences of terrible emotions due to their unthinking selfish actions with a deft hand. It’s a sexy, passionate and intriguing story.

We really enjoyed this book, it’s eloquent without being verbose. It is intelligent without being too clever for its own good. And it is beautifully honest about the consequences of lust. There is something magical about it’s perfectly mundane and everyday characters, you’ll never look at your work colleagues the same way again!

An affair of the soul indeed.

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