Viking Sword Saxon Shield

Viking Sword Saxon Shield

This book drags you back to the post Roman nightmare of chaos which was England during the Viking invasion. It follows the story of one young man, Edward Lavengro, who we met when he escapes slavery with the Vikings. Unfortunately for our young hero he eventually comes to the attention of some very powerful Saxon noblemen, who use his gifts both mundane and esoteric to help them defy the Viking invaders. This leads young Eddie into terrible conflict with warring factions inside the nobility of England. His one solace in this terrible new world is Catherine. With her love and confidence Eddie finds the strength and heart to defy the odds and win through his trials.

With the huge amount of research which must have gone into this book, it never stops throwing in the action and certainly doesn’t allow history to weigh down the soul of the novel.

It races through the mud and mire of the dark ages and creates a story of passionate intensity. It is a never ending tirade of action and adventure, which will have you turning the pages in a need to seek relief from the intense story telling.

Historical fiction of this kind cannot be easy to write, but Keith Scrivener has done a remarkable job and created a story that bursts with life. This is the most engrossing historical thriller for years.

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