A story about angels. A story about the love of angels. A story about good over evil and of hope.
The author’s world is our world but the magic of angels and the blessings of God are hidden in a small valley high in the mountains. A young girl is held safe by her guardian and taught to defend herself and those who are weaker. When she reaches adulthood her world is changed forever when she discovers she has a destiny. This destiny is to defeat the darkness which killed her family and her guardian turns out to be a real angel – a warrior angel. Together they face evil and the climactic battle is both passionate and vicious.
It’s a story that’s very much also an allegory rather than a straight forward novel. The structure and pace evoke an oral tradition of storytelling blending the mythical, the magical and the divine in the lives of ordinary people. It will appeal to young adults and those who want a tale of light and hope.

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