Tower of the Watchful Eye

A new voice in fantasy – how often have reviewers used that phrase… However, in this case it’s true. McFarlane has created a great new world; it’s exciting, different and fresh. The behaviour of the characters and their speech make them modern and interesting. The world is believable and at times suitably scary. It’s also funny – funny is good. Its comedy isn’t forced but rather springs from the interaction of the characters, which drives all the best comedy in novels.
The meddling demon who lives inside the protagonists head is wonderful, not least because they are different genders and have very different views on what’s right and wrong. This relationship takes a great turn when they are threatened and really have to learn to work together.
In some ways it’s a traditional fantasy theme but the entertaining characters and the way the plot twists and turns stops it from falling to the category of cliché.