The Triangle In The Dock

From Mirador Publishing - Supporting New AuthorsThis is a remarkable political novel from the mind of one of the world’s great peace makers. 

SYLVESTER TABE ARREY was born in Cameroon. He studied in a number of institutions including The University of Yaoundé I, Cameroon, and The University of Jaume I, Spain. With a wealth of experience in social science research, he is currently researching in the doctoral program of the UNESCO Chair of Philosophy for Peace, The University of Jaume I. He seeks to provide understanding on how to deal with some of the most stubborn and defiant conflicts which are a nightmare to the world.

The Triangle In The Dock tells the story of a conflict in Africa which is threatening to erupt into terrible violence that could engulf a continent. The story concerns a political effort of unprecedented proportions that just might head off the disaster. A special island is created that will be neutral territory and the two sides are brought together in a legal battle to resolve the issues once and for all.

For people who like political or courtroom dramas this book is a must read. For those who strive for peace in our world and a solution to violence this book should be required reading. An astounding work.

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