The Third Testicle

The Third Testicle by John Waller

 This is a travelogue like no other. The story-telling is teasing and clever, slowly drawing you into Brantano’s inner world though his exploits and private philosophising. He mixes musings, poetry, and comedy throughout the narrative, setting the time and place with many pop culture references.

During the mid nighties Brantano arrives in France for a few months of drifting and hiking, this begins an existential ramble starting in Brittany. Through a series of random, often laugh out loud funny, and always very unfortunate happenings, he meanders into a spot of trouble and a mental institution, and then rapidly decamps into Spain. During his strange wandering he encounters a beautiful violinist and her overprotective brothers, French secret agents, Spanish drug dealers, suicide dogs, he becomes a successful busker, meets a troupe of ex-drug addict primates and learns to fly in a very unique way. It is weird and wonderful, and will leave you wanting more!

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