The Rose Well Files

The Rose Well Files

A new release from British Humourist, David Luddington, is always a treat and guaranteed to bring a smile and a warm feeling of gentle familiarity. Although each book is completely different, his characters come alive so well they seem immediately comfortable.

In this outing, we meet a collection of odd-balls living on a once popular holiday camp but now struggling to survive the exodus of tourism to sunnier places. Most of these characters seem to be preparing for some imaginary apocalypse or alien invasion and it is into this melting pot that our hero is thrust. William Fox is a one-time bookseller who lost his battle with an internet behemoth, (no not that one) and is now selling books around various exhibitions.

Described by one of the other characters as relentlessly optimistic, Fox sets out to save the camp and make it the new go-to destination for holidaymakers who enjoy the unusual.

David Luddington’s characters always leap from the page and his talent is in making these odd characters not only completely believable, but all quite endearing.

Combining the gentle, and very British comedy, for which he is so loved with a subtle strike at the corporate monsters who control much of our everyday life, Luddington once again pits the small man against the giants.

The Rose Well Files is classic British humour and follows the tradition of PG Wodehouse, Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett then adds the spirit of the Ealing Comedies. Trying to sum up the essence of this tale, think Dad’s Army meets X-Files and you may be somewhere close!