The Return of The Hippy

Return of the Hippy by David Luddington. Published by Belvedere Publishing www.belvederepublishing.comThe Hippy is the funniest most laugh aloud book I have ever read. We meet a man in the middle of a crisis. He hates his life and isn’t even certain how it happened to him. The last thing he seems to remember clearly is his love for bell bottom jeans, then he is a middle aged business exec with a wife and children. Feeling trapped and alone on holiday in Cornwall, Tony meets a woman who represents everything he craves. Unfortunately, life never goes smoothly for Tony and quite by accident his wife thinks he is having a passionate affair with the beautiful Astrid, when he has an accident with some hash and a sink. Sam leaves him, she is looking for a way to escape a man no longer able to give her the big house and flash car or posh frocks. Astrid however, sees the boy inside the man and teaches Tony to love the same thing.

This is a story about a man trying to regain himself. The adventure and characters surrounding Tony are vivid and drawn so carefully that Tony’s chaotic life is as believable as your own. If ever you have had a summer of love, or a time in your life when your hair grew long and you listened to albums with just one track then this is the book for you. It is a reminder of why you should never lose the child in your soul, mainly because it causes havoc when it is kept smothered for too long. Written like Tom Sharpe but without the bitterness, it is light but poignant book. It won’t hurt you or fill you with dread, but it will make you laugh like Only Fools and Horses made you laugh. It will make your day brighter by just existing on your bookshelves and giving you a little piece of hope, that there is more adventure out there even if you are over forty.

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