The Casting of Einstein’s Dice

The Casting of Einstein’s Dice is an intelligent and complex book, this novel will challenge both adults and younger readers with its complex exploration of ideas, using science fiction as its vehicle.

The young hero begins his story in a tumbling down house which has always been his playground and home. When this is threatened he embarks on a mission to find a way to save his home and his mother. During this adventure he stumbles over a portal which takes him to a new world.

This unique environment is very well realised by the author and we are drawn into a complex narrative about politics, religion, gender rights and science. Owen combines these paradigms to create a story which is clever and yet full of adventure. The people of this world are completely alien but their journey will echo through our own social constructs, making young and old alike actually think about how we represent ourselves and the importance of tolerance.

Science and religion collide threatening a level of violence which draws our heroes into a scramble for their lives. This book is an exciting story about difficult subjects.

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