Storm Shadow

Watch out Bond and Jack Reacher, there’s a new man in town and he’s called Kristian Blake, or KB to his friends – his enemies just know to fear him.
The beauty of this book is the not only the exciting narrative but the research the author’s done to make the characters come alive. There’s real heart amongst the action that most hero-driven, army based, thrillers miss completely. The narrative really places you not only in KB’s life but also in his locations. Ever wondered what the south west of England looks like to a man who has seen death and chaos in Helmand? It’s certainly not the peaceful idyll most soldiers might wish for after years of conflict.
There is action, lots of it, intrigue, passion and romance to give you an all round story that’s completely immersive. As in life, nothing runs smoothly for KB but he’s a man on a mission, sent by a government agency to help protect Amir who has settled in Somerset, things quickly go sideways and KB must find the physical and emotional strength to survive and stop a training school for jihadists which is hidden away in rural England. With its political undertones, but clever sense of the familiar, Storm Shadow brings the world out there to the world of country lanes, heather, and tourist escapes. It’s an unsettling combination that makes the reader aware of how close the real threats are and despite Somerset’s isolation from the world, the threats make us all too aware of our new reality.
Amazing stuff! A story you won’t regret investing in and we can’t wait for the next in the series.