Stone Lord

This is a fascinating retelling of the Arthurian myth. Instead of knights in shining armour or Anglo-Saxons we have the story based in the bronze age. The historical detail, along with the fictional narrative are perfectly balanced, one never making you flinch because of it being over done. It is a third person narrative so we can explore other characters, not just the usual culprits and Merlin in particular really stands out. The magic feels so right in this far off time without ever making you think of it as some kind of fantasy book – almost as if the author understands the anthropology of tribal communities which still use ‘witch doctors’, it’s quite remarkable and unique. It’s a refreshing change of pace for the Arthurian story, which still fascinates people, and you won’t be disappointed by this book.
The narrative itself sticks to the traditional Arthurian plot points but the historical detail make them fresh and interesting. The characters are well rounded, all of them flawed and perfect in their own ways. We really enjoyed this book and the next one promises to be just as exciting.

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