Secret Demon

A curse of generations haunts the Murphy family as they prepare for the birth of their second child. Their family history is alive with tales of Ouija, witchcraft, demons and angels and the evil is wanting to claim the baby for its own. Based on real events, this tale is a terrifying insight into the battle between good and evil that raged around this family for a century. The females in the family line had always been gifted, some of them using their powers for a simple profit by reading the cards but others turning to darker powers. It seems that once invited in, the demons here were reluctant to relinquish their hold over each new generation and the final battle between good and evil was set to be fought over the newest arrival.

With the family falling apart as the evil becomes more manifest the children are taken into care for their own protection but the demons were not going to let go easily. The safe home for the children turns out to be anything but and it’s not long before that new home too starts to fall apart in a web of evil and violence. With scenes of occult practises and violence threading through the book this is not an easy read. Imagine The Omen and The Enfield Haunting blended with Angela’s Ashes and you’re coming close but this book bravely treads its own path.
Not recommended for those of a nervous disposition but it’s a staggering achievement for a first time author to bring this story into the light. The author handles the characters well and each scene runs easily to the next. A great first novel for a new author.