Sailor Uncovered

Two Sisters, Two brothers, One Murder.

Sailor uncovered is a book which reveals its secrets tantalisingly slowly and draws the reader into a plot of extraordinary depth. The eponymous Sailor is a lost girl, serving her time in a school for disturbed children until such time as she is old enough to be transferred to a prison to serve out her sentence for a murder some years before. The arrival of a new student brings trouble for Sailor and the dark clouds of revenge begin to gather. Meanwhile, a reporter is digging into the case and believes he has uncovered enough evidence to cast doubt on Sailor’s conviction.
Sailor Uncovered is a difficult book to review without giving too much away. Enough to say that one is quickly swept up in the events as the story unfolds into a tangled web of dark secrets and lies. As the reporter struggles to untangle the events of the murder forces who would rather it stay buried are beginning to show themselves.
Part procedural, part cold case investigation and part nail biting race against time, this is a tale that never lets the reader rest as it continues to duck into blind alleys and trip up the reader’s expectations. At its heart, this is a story of love and a bond between two people which drives the protagonists to risk everything to keep the past where it belongs. This is an enthralling read and stays with one until well after the last page. It is also one where the temptation is to reread to better understand the earlier events in the knowledge of the denouement.