Murmurs In The Night

Spooky stories to leak through your imagination in the darkness… This anthology is a great surprise and for once the blurb on the back isn’t wrong – a natural inheritor of Dhal’s Twilight Zone. They are quirky, scary and twisty with a punch in the guts lurking in some of them that will leave you remembering them long after you close your ebook – or the back cover.
The collection also utilises the normal and every day while finding the sinister and dark, we really enjoyed the Christmas Darks and the stories about cats. The author wriggles the essence of the horror from the strangest things and that’s what stays with you, the scary in the normal and horrible happening to ordinary people in ordinary lives but there is also an element of dark urban fantasy in some of the stories which remove the reader from reality.
Short stories are sadly neglected but I’m very glad that this anthology has been put together but an author to actually seems to know what he’s doing.