Lucid is a dark exploration through a man’s soul. Not only the protagonist’s but also the antagonist’s. It is a journey through the chaos of LSD and the magic of dreams. We’ve never read anything like this, the combination of the spiritual and the murderous is incredible giving rise to some truly inspired twists.

Adrian Roy is an intelligent evil man who is responsible for a horrific crime. The murder of Elspeth, a child who is drugged by LSD to ‘help’ Roy enjoy her rape and murder. This traps Elspeth in a world of dreams and as her body is buried, her soul continues to exist, seeking a path to freedom.

Oliver Ryan is one of life’s unfortunates, he tries a drug most can take without consideration of the consequences and it opens his mind to the same world Elspeth occupies. During his dreams he begins to find answers and questions to not only his life but Elspeth’s as well.

The novel explores many areas of intriguing possibilities, with LSD and shamanism being used as a vehicle to investigate how the mind can find its own journey in a metaphysical maelstrom. Oliver’s quest is incredible and although sometimes tragic, it gives us hope through the chaos of life and death.

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