Love Hurts

There are many urban fantasy books out there now, all of which make use of cities both UK and American. None though use the perfectly beautiful scenery of wind swept Cornwall. This alone makes Love Hurts stand out but there are so many other wonderful aspects to this book.

 It is a love story. Two men fall in love with one woman, Jessica, and she has to decide which to love in return… or does she? There is no doubt she is initially drawn to Jack, but his twin brother is just as alluring. They might be identical physically but they both hold secrets which make them very different, not only from each other but from everyone else too.

Jessica not only finds love she finds a world she knew nothing about and one she eventually learns to handle because of her own heritage.

This story has it all, a backdrop of du Maurier, with a dose of Jane Austen, wrapped up with the excitement of vampires and werewolves. A great read and a great new writer.