Knights of Camelot Series

The Knights of Camelot Series is an extraordinary new fantasy series based loosely on the Arthurian Legends. This story is a cross between Merlin and Brokeback Mountain, which gives it a huge ‘Wow’ factor.

 We love this series, it’s a fresh new take on a very old myth. Its action sequences remind us of TV’s Spartacus and so does the sex. It’s a feast of action, passion, horror, heartache and magic. It’s told from Lancelot’s point of view giving us a way to access a medieval world which is told in brief rough strokes so as not to bore the reader. For which we were very grateful. The language is fast, contemporary and Lancelot doesn’t hold back on his thoughts, words or actions. He is a unique hero. His sexuality forms the backbone of his spiritual journey but threats to Camelot force the hero to travel away from home repeatedly to save his King.

This is actually one of the most surprising things about these books, Ms. Luddington has written a series about a man who discovers in the middle of his life that he can only find real love in the arms of a man. However, this twist never overpowers the adventures and quests in each book. There is murder, mayhem and battles with monsters and creatures from other worlds, who blend and move through Camelot’s world.

When Lancelot’s world falls apart in the dark middle book, you feel yourself baying for the blood of his enemies. At the beginning of the third, you don’t know what to think as the author tackles a broken man and rebuilds Lancelot to cope with the next onslaught.

If you are open minded about sexuality, or looking for the ultimate action hero who happens to like men, then you should buy these books, settle down for a couple days in the sun and make the most of a great piece of escapism.