Karen & The Micro-Buddies

Is the world ready for heroes who are bacteria? Well, clearly because Kuzniewski does a remarkable job of creating a new type of science fantasy. With interesting asides about the real science the author has built a world around the concept of the Incredible Shrinking Man.

Karen is a microbiologist who finds herself shrunk down and sucked into the world of the very thing she studies – bacteria. During this time she needs to find out what each ‘creature’ is that she meets and eventually how to save them when they are threatened by bad bacteria.

It’s a brave novel utilising a side of science which isn’t very glamorous to most us, bacteria, and Kuzniewski is clearly an expert in her field which helps us to understand the science while she sticks firmly to traditional story paradigm.


This is an interesting read, whether you are into bacteria or not!

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