Hell’s Secrets

This story reminds you not to look a ‘gift horse in the mouth’, you might get your face bitten off! It’s a great new novel from someone who deserves to be considered a master of horror. Hell’s Secrets is story of a man who wants a new life and is given the opportunity to have just that, no more miserable office work but the life of a celebrity author – who wouldn’t bite?

The man how offers this gift is someone Mark knows shouldn’t be entirely trusted but his arrogance and confidence makes him believe he can have it all, and out wit his old adversary. However, his old enemy has undergone a journey of his own. We don’t want to spoil the twist in this story but imagine the love child of Christopher Fowler’s Spanky and Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files.

A journey of paranoia and dark adventure through the gritty streets of London, lust and murder.

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