Going Underground

Going Underground by Suzie Tullett

This is the most glorious romp. A true Brit Flick novel and reads like the best of British films. The characters are vivid and easy to recognise whether you are into the MOD scene or not. The trick the writer uses to snare us into a world we might not know well is empathy. We’ve all known men who are obsessed with something – trains, bikes, mini, mopeds, planes, models – the list is endless, so we all recognise these lovely people.

We also know how difficult it must be for a pregnant woman to cope with being in an original mini, which you almost wish could talk like Herbie!

The interaction between the male characters is just great. They are funny, screwed up, hopeless, strange and desperate, just like the rest of us. The women are all capable, confident and on a mission to save their men, just like the rest of us.

A wonderfully funny tale of misadventure and mischief.

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