Full Circle

Full Circle

This exciting debut novel by Dave Watson is a must if you love crime and mystery novels.

Having taken 18 months of hard work and dedication to produce this book, the author has shown that his passion for reading mystery novels spills over into his writing, producing a well – written piece of work with plenty of action.

It demonstrates how greed and power can drag people into a life of corruption, murder and deceit. When people in a position of power, thwart those responsibilities for monetary gain, where do you turn– when there is no one to trust?

We follow the investigations of Inspector Wesley. As the case develops, it takes him to Europe, yet it seems that there is always someone a step ahead of him as he delves deeper into trying to solve the mystery.

The plot abounds with satanic practises, murder and blackmail that span several generations. Showing the effect the past can have on a young man, as he seeks retribution for the loss of his mother.

This book really does turn Full Circle before it comes to its final conclusion.

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