Forever England

Forever England is a new book by popular comedy author David Luddington. The plot centres around a retired special effects man, Terry England, who sets out to move to Spain after he is made redundant. Unfortunately he bought his house whilst somewhat the worse for a trip to a Spanish bar and it’s not quite the peaceful retirement he’d intended. Firstly the estate agent is not quite clear which house he’s actually bought, nor as it turns out, is the local council. Then there’s the leaf blowers and the hedge trimmers. The English community welcomes the newcomers  into their urbanisation and Terry is quickly drawn into their alternate world of Garden Parties, Bridge Clubs, Golf and endless supermarket trips in search of real English teabags.

Whilst driving through the Alpujarras one day he encounters a different Spain. One where the horse is still a means of transport and not a pet, a place where a yurt is considered the height of luxury living and a place that somehow draws the Lost Soul into its grip and won’t let go.

Through an array of comic characters and situations, Luddington draws a vivid picture of the region and its people. Behind the laughs however, of which there are many, there is a touch of sadness for the damage done to a once proud nation by the recent economic crisis. The author also challenges our perceptions of identity and the way we see ourselves.

Overall, this is a very warm and funny book. It is filled with wonderful characters and many laugh out loud moments.

Forever England is published by Mirador Publishing and is available now in all good bookshops and online as a paperback and eBook in all major formats

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