A good old fashioned high adventure yarn. Fixers is the story of an assassin. A trained killer acting where the courts have failed and ridding humanity of those who prey on the weak or the evil men who believe they are above the law. Only this is not Judge Dredd, this Fixer is an ordinary housewife who just happens to have a part time job as a contract killer and she is rather good at it. In fact she is considered to be the best. Until one day something happens that makes her question her loyalties to this shadowy organisation and she turns her peculiar talents to investigating those higher up in the organisation.



Fixers is great fun. Lots of violence and leaves you with the slight feeling of hoping there really are people like Meygana Westlake out there somewhere. Looking out for us!


From the publisher: Mirador Publishing continue their support of new authors and are proud to present Jinx Jordan-Jones as an author to watch out for.

Fixers is published by Mirador Publishing.and is available in all good bookshops and online as both paperback and eBook editions.


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