Farin West

Farin West is a man with a mission, a man on the edge who has taught himself to survive in the worst hell hole in the American west. His mission is vengeance. It’s his right and he will stop at nothing to destroy those who murdered his family and framed him ruining the life of a kind boy and turning him into a honed killer.

Brad Dixon has tapped into the mind of the American cowboy and created a vivid world of dust and guns. You can smell the horse sweat and leather. You can taste the dust on the wind and hear the tumble weed scratch at the ground when it’s tossed by the wind. When you read this, every great Western from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly to Once Upon A Time In The West is brought back to you. This is a wonderful story, a rich tapestry of a world long gone but still so alive in our imaginations.

The human condition is explored inside a great adventure story, leading poor West through some terrible trials so he once more learns to trust and not just to kill. This is the most fun you can have while not toting a six shooter and riding your trusted horse through the dusty plains. At long last a return to the traditional Western , it has not been done this well since the days of Zane Grey

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