Counting Crows: A Lorne Turner Mystery

Having read a great many books that are both thrillers and have elements of the supernatural it’s clear that Counting Crows is a cut above the rest.

With the pace of a Dean Koontz novel, the author sets out the story from the start and it never stops rolling to its well-earned climax.

The protagonist, a middle aged retired Special Forces soldier with a bad case of PTSD is a charming and brutally honest character. He has no illusions about himself, his world, or his past. He knows exactly who he is and that makes him oddly accessible for those of us who might not naturally relate to a soldier.

The characters surrounding him are interesting, different and they climb off the page to stand at your shoulder as you race through the book.

Counting Crows is a fascinating dip into the occult as well; the author has clearly done their research in this area. The narrative is free-flowing and well written. You’ll find it an easy but absorbing read. This is the first in a new series and if the author keeps up this level of intrigue and suspense then it will go all the way to top of my reading list.