Bad Granny

There are times when a book strikes you right between the eyes and Bad Granny by Lynfa Moses is one of those books.

Why, you’re asking yourself, well, it’s a complex tale about the relationship between the generations and how that can affect a child. When Olivia is babysitting Winnie there is an accident that leaves Winnie scarred for life. Because if this, Olivia is removed from Winnie’s life.

So far so normal, however, as the novel goes on you begin to realise it’s not just about the incident. It examines the dynamic between mother and daughter and how we portray grandmothers. It’s about sexuality, the right for older women to retain their sexual dynamic and control. The impact on the daughter of having a confident role model and how that can be used against the grandmother.

It’s always difficult, touching on these iconic roles in society and our preconceived notions of what a woman’s role is when they stop bearing children, but this author handles these subjects deftly. The story is fast paced, well written and the characters are alive. The true beauty though is the understanding that a female author can bring to this complex subject and the empathy she portrays.

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