Axe of Vengeance

The Axe of Vengeance by F.G. Moore

This is a passionate and well researched book with an exciting narrative. Cathal is a wonderful hero who sweeps you up in a world you wish you could experience for yourself.

The lands described are clearly loved and bring us no doubt as to the horrors and torments the people suffered during this period. As an intelligent and elegant novel, this story helps us understand the intensity of betrayal and vengeance.

The chaos of sixth century post Roman Europe is another character in its own right and when the peace of Ireland is shattered you are taken along with our hero into a cruel world. Cathal must learn to live on his wits and his inner strength, only to rise and become the greatest of Viking heroes.

From the damp shores of Ireland to the heat of ancient Constantinople we travel beside Cathal and hope he can survive his torment. The sweeping narrative is wonderful escapism