A Very English Revolution

A Very English Revolution

A desperate and thrilling ride into a Britain we all dread but feel is too close to our own world for us to sleep easy in our beds.

Steve Norris is a writer capable of weaving complex paradigms within a dangerous narrative. Britain is under threat from a form of radicalism we all fear, white supremacy. A darkness is sweeping the north and there are only a few who have the courage to face the conflict head on. This is world in which Joe returns to his home, attending the funeral of his long ago girlfriend who died mysteriously after contacting him out of the blue, and has to face his past. One where he witnessed the clandestine burial of a murder victim. This leads him and Sarah, her sister, to begin an investigation which touches on the rise of fundamental Christianity and fanatical racial purity, given a beautiful face.

This is a book which makes us think, makes us study ourselves and our world. What do we, as individuals want from our country and our leaders? It’s scary, it should motivate those of us who care, to stand for values which stop the spread of hate, as those are the people with the loudest voices if we don’t stand against them. But it is not a dry political rant. Just as other great writers comment on wider social ills through a story and characters we find accessible, so too does Steve Norris. He reaches us through the voices of the various strands and pulls us into his wrapped northern world, making us care as only a true story teller can.

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