A Divided Universe

A Thought Provoking Masterpiece
Available from Mirador Publishing now - How did we come into being, was it, as can be proved by science a accumulation of events trillions of years ago ending in the “Big Bang” with molecules and chemicals binding together to create our planet and eventually life as we know it?
Or were we “created” by a higher being on a whim, first creating light, then the earth and finally as a being in his own image?
There will never really be a definite answer, science can prove and dissect all that can be seen, but what of the soul and conscious thought, these cannot be dissected in a lab!
Vernon Anley presents the evidence in a remarkably balanced way. Taking quotes from the bible he asks whether Jesus was really the son of God as he claims. With references to Muhammad, Buddha, Brahma and other “higher beings” from all religions Vernon L. Anley´s book is absorbing and challenging.
Highly recommended for all those with even a mild interest in philosophy.

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