Thriller writers like to stick to conventions, as all writers do to an extent, to help readers follow threat of their stories, and in some ways Sicarius is no different. However, inside the conventions of a political thriller, there’s a great and punchy tale that’s a total page turner. This is well written, well plotted and well executed. John Gaines, the hitman Sicarius does a paid job and thinks everything is done and dusted, but soon discovers the Russians are heavily involved in the American political system in New York – remind anyone of anything?

It’s a good twist that gives the thriller a great backbone on which to hang the chaos and violence that sweeps through John’s life. There is a love affair, a truly evil bad guy, and a reason for John to become more than a trained killer. I think that’s what I like most about this book. The exploration of current political themes, which the authors seems to have predicted with scary foresight, and the seriously dark undertones from drugs and smuggling to influencing American politics, this book will give you great satisfaction.

It’s a powerhouse thriller of the best kind, with a clear protagonist who, despite being a man from the shadows, you really relate to and root for throughout the book. It’s a novel you’ll enjoy and it won’t waste your reading time. Have fun in the world of murder and chaos that is Sicarius.