Cooper And The Queen

Cooper And The Queen

Cooper a Canadian cop who has been slightly off his game since the death of his wife, heads up the Emergency Response Team in Vancouver and has been training his guys hard for the last six months in preparation for a Royal visit. The Queen and Prince Philip are on a world tour and security is tight but the Queen is determined to do what she sees as her duty and as she says ‘she must be seen to be believed’, it’s 1983 and the Troubles in Ireland are about to cause big trouble for Cooper. Taken off ERT by the Queens personal Mountie his new job is to babysit what Cooper fears will be sitting target but hey he’s a few years off retirement and will do as he’s told for now at least, what he didn’t expect however was to find love again and from a woman whose head appears on a nation’s stamps.

Don Hunter’s fast paced and well written thriller had me reaching for a tissue over the tragic loss of his wife and sitting bolt up-right in my chair reading furiously as the plans of the renegade IRA assassin become all too clear.

The Canadians will stop at nothing, however distasteful to them, to keep the head of the commonwealth alive and well on their own soil, but the pressure is on as the world’s media isn’t so easy to fool.

Well worth a read, the best thriller I’ve read for a long time, it’s a shame there can’t be a sequel but I do hope Don Hunter has another novel waiting in the wings.

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